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Dr.  Dr. Marvin  Lowe
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Principal's Corner

Director's Corner

The staff and students at Bullock County Career Technical Center strive toward excellence each day.  We believe that every student can achieve success.  We are committed to offering high quality career/technical programs to the students of Bullock County.  Our staff realizes that good jobs increasingly depend on people who can put knowledge to work.  The globalization of commerce and industry and the explosive growth of technology on the job requires that we as career/technical educators be present-compatible and future-oriented.  Our aim is to prepare students for employment, for completion of technical or two-year college, and for the option of successful completion of a four-year degree.  We provide students the opportunity to acquire high- level skills and workplace  know-how which is essential to grow, produce and succeed.  Our students will be prepared not only to make a living,  but to live full lives by participating in their communities, raising their families, and living as positive contributing members of society.

We believe that the Bullock County Career Technical Center should:

  • provide each student with the types of instruction and experiences that will encourage intellectual growth and skill development in occupations that will lend themselves to productive employment and opportunities to develop to his/her fullest potential;
  • teach the basic tools of learning to enable students to use them effectively in acquiring and maintaining employment within a given  occupation;
  • not place students into programs without considering their interests and abilities;
  • involve the community in evaluating,  planning, and implementing the career/technical programs;
  • encourage the students to continue their training through technical schools or universities to improve marketable skills that will enable them to be productive members of society